A Candy buffet seems to be all the rave nowadays! They are highly adored and are all over your favorite blogs. Guess what? Cater To You LLC offers custom candy buffets (among other types of treats stations). It can be really tough doing this on your own. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is HOW MUCH CANDY DO WE NEED?

Well here is our take on it mixed with all we have learned over the years from Candy Warehouse and how we offer our candy packages. Even if you decide to go it alone we hope this post helps you.

wedding candy buffet



If you provide candy buffets or bars that allows guests to take some candy home with them in the form of a party favor, our general rule of thumb is to account for approximately eight ounces of candy per guest. That is roughly the equivalent weight of four full-size candy bars. This means if you have 100 guests, then you will need approximately 800 ounces or 50 pounds of candy. The two photos below illustrate how one pound and five pounds of Runts will look in one of our One Gallon Glass Candy Jars:

Candy Buffet Glass Jars

This estimate takes into account that some guests will take more than eight ounces, some will take less and some may not take any candy at all (thereby leaving a little extra product for display purposes). Many of our products are sold in five-pound bags so one five-pound or 80-ounce bag of candy will cover approximately ten guests. To create a visually appealing candy buffet, we suggest you present eight to ten different types of candy. Since each guest will have his or her unique candy preferences, offering a variety of choices is important. Include a few chocolate selections, taffies, hard candies, gummies, mints, sour candies, and the like. If your guest list consists of mostly adults, you might want to order more chocolates and old-school/ nostalgic candy. If your event is geared more toward children, you might want to order more gummies, sour and colorful candies.

Candy Buffet Glass Jars

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ALL Cater To You LLC plans include: delivery, setup and take down, a candy buffet; all glassware, scoops, candy bags, custom station design and candy consultation.  Delivery to any location in our service area is included with all buffets. We can get just about any candy for you.

An attendant to serve your guests during the event, replenish and maintain the Candy Buffet is included in our Deluxe Packages. We estimate around a 1/4 pound of candy as a serving per guest. Some reception venues may have restrictions on the type of candy you may use, we will confirm in advance to make sure that you can have all your choices at the event.

Fifty percent deposit required to hold the date, remaining balance due one 31 days prior to the wedding. If final payment is received less than one month prior, client will be subject to additional fees for expedited shipping costs that will incur. Personalized bags and monograms can be done for an additional fee.

Contact us to set up a consultation and to personalize a candy buffet for you!


Candy Buffet Package 1:

email for pricing:

50-150 guests: 5-9 various size containers

  • Choose up to 9 stock (non premium) candies

151-250 guests: 12 various size containers

  • Choose up to 12 stock (non-premium) candies

251-350 guests: 15 various size containers

  • Choose up to 15 candy stock ( non premium) choices


Candy Buffet Package 2:

email for pricing

50-150 guests: 5-9 various size containers

  • Choose up to 9 (premium) candies

151-250 guests: 12 various size containers

  • Choose up to 12 (premium) candies

251-350 guests: 15 various size containers

• Choose up to 15 candy (premium) choices


Can’t Find the Budget for your Candy Buffet?

We are creative and flexible and can create a stunning display within ANY Budget! These packages are based on us supplying bulk premium and upgraded stock candy. You may also choose to supply your own candy our use your venue`s candy and use containers and labels from us or have a set up attendant from our company run your Candy Buffet. We hope this post helps to debunk the candy buffet mystery lol.


email me to chat about your ideas for candy buffet.